Charity Golf Outing

June 5 2017

On Friday, June 2nd, Keith and Ryan Galbreath (Keith’s nephew) played in the annual South Central Pennsylvania Energy Association’s charity golf outing at Four Seasons Golf Course. Greeted with beautiful weather, approximately 60 golfers participated raising over $2,000 for the Wounded Warrior Project. We were proud sponsors of the 12th hole. Check out the picture…

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New to Oil Heat? Our Introductory Guide

January 28 2017

Let us put you at ease Being new to heating with oil can seem overwhelming at first. We’re here to put your worries at ease, and inform you as to why heating with oil is the most comfortable and safe way to keep your family warm all winter long. 1. Will the tank “blow up”?…

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Why 2016 is the cleanest year for Oil Heat yet!

December 8 2016

Thinking of switching to Natural Gas? Read this first! 2016 will be the cleanest year for oil heat yet! Due to a mandated reduction in sulfur content, your oil heat will burn cleaner than it ever has before! Nationwide, states have mandated a reduction in sulfur content from what historically was over 2,000 parts per…

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10 Tips for Smart Home Heating this Fall & Winter

October 19 2016

A compilation of smart and effective home heating tips that you can use year after year to save money and oil during chilly fall and winter weather.

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3 Reasons your Electric Bill is so High

July 5 2016

When the weather outside reaches sky-high temperatures or degrees in the single digits, your home’s energy bill often pays the price. You may not be able to completely rid yourself of that monthly bill, but you can learn why your energy costs are so high and what solutions you can use to decrease them. Not…

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3 Causes for Why your Home Isn’t Staying Cold in the Summer (and 3 Ways to Fix It)

July 5 2016

Many homeowners discover too late that their air conditioning systems are not performing as expected once summer temperatures hit.  The last time you want to deal with cooling issues is when a heat wave rolls in. If you’re struggling with why your house might not be cooling correctly in the summer months, here are some…

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5 Reasons to Schedule a HVAC Inspection Before Summer

May 20 2016

Your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) are some of the most important systems running in your home. You depend on them to keep you warm in winter and comfortable in the summer. Annual or bi-annual checkups and inspections are normal for cars, your health, even your teeth! It’s time to add HVAC system maintenance…

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New Look, Same Great Services

March 28 2016

We are proud to announce the expansion of our fleet with the addition of our new 2016 Freightliner. By adding a new oil truck to our fleet of service vehicles, we will be able to efficiently meet the needs of our growing business and continue to provide the responsive delivery times we’ve always promised. The addition will…

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