Preventative maintenance options for before the cold hits

Fall’s cool breezes have arrived, and so has the time to do some preventative maintenance check-ins on your heating unit to ensure that it is running at its best, and that it will do so through the winter.

Employing the use of an expert for some preventative care early in the season can save you time, energy, and money. Instead of spending big bucks on emergency heating this year in the middle of a freezing night, get proactive with our fall service plans!

Reitz Oil Company works hard to provide our customers with the tools they need to heat effectively, and to get the money-saving, top-of-the-line heating services they deserve. We offer two specialized furnace inspection and tune-up plans designed to help you heat smart, ensure peak performance, and provide you with peace of mind through even the coldest of nights.

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Comparison Premium Plan
Annual Furnace Inspection and Tune-up, Plus Parts
Standard Plan
Annual Furnace Inspection and Tune-up
1 hour of service labor  1383356875_check_alt  1383356873_x_alt
Repair or replace defective parts
on your oil burner as listed for one
year from date of contract
 1383356875_check_alt  1383356873_x_alt
Parts Included*  1383356875_check_alt  1383356873_x_alt
Yearly Check-up and Cleaning  1383356875_check_alt  1383356875_check_alt
Clean and adjust electrodes
and high tension leads
 1383356875_check_alt  1383356875_check_alt
Check pump and pump strainer  1383356875_check_alt  1383356875_check_alt
Check vacuum and pressure when necessary to maintain or
improve efficiency
 1383356875_check_alt  1383356875_check_alt
Check fan and air diffusers  1383356875_check_alt  1383356875_check_alt
Check for ignition or flame failure  1383356875_check_alt  1383356875_check_alt
Make visual inspection of oil tank  1383356875_check_alt  1383356875_check_alt
Make draft test and adjust accordingly  1383356875_check_alt  1383356875_check_alt
Inspect oil lines for possible leaks  1383356875_check_alt  1383356875_check_alt
Oil motors fan and circulator
 1383356875_check_alt  1383356875_check_alt
Check furnace operation and adjust
for peak performance by taking
efficiency test
 1383356875_check_alt  1383356875_check_alt

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†Normal daily service hours 7:00am-5:00pm. Time and a half 5:00pm-7:00am. Daytime rate for any service performed over the one hour coverage billed as daytime rate

‡Subject to availability through normal sources of supply

*Parts included:

Up to 1/6 HP burner motor, burner fan, fuel filter replacement cartridge, blast tube and air cone, nozzle**, electrodes, ignition leads, circulator Relays, Up to ¼ HP fan motor***, Primary safety control, Fan and limit control****, Draft regulator, Transformer, Pressure Trol, Cad cell, Circulator motor for B&G 100-taco

**Nozzle and all listed parts are replaced free, one each on an annual basis

***Fan motor used for air-conditioning not covered

****Fan Limit Control with air-conditioning A-Coil not covered

Parts and service not covered by contract:

Heat exchanger, flue pipe, combustion chamber, fan blower assembly, fan belt, circulator bearing assembly, fuel pump, delayed oil valve, fuel tank accessories, oil lines, zone valves, electronic air cleaners, humidifiers and parts, air filters, triple acting aquastat, G.E. furnaces, steam boilers, low pressure oil burner, domestic water coil, valves and piping, heating equipment damaged through civil disorders, damage caused by flood, fire, or act of God, accident, tampering, or abuse, service calls necessitated by blown fuse, thermostat not calling for heat, power switch turned off, power failure, low water, lack of fuel oil, customer not on automatic delivery, service call requested and finding no access to building upon arriving.

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